WonderBlush Effect: Meet Melanie, Co-Founder

Melanie Hachey, Co-Founder WonderBlush

Tell us a little about yourself and your journey, and what triggered the interest in you to start your own beauty salon. 

Planning a wedding is almost managing a full-time schedule! I learned it at my expense as I was getting ready for the big day: after work, I had to go from one appointment to another, from one end of the city to the other. I was ex-haus-ted! Then, an idea was formed through the filled calendar, speeding (oops!). To arrive on time and calls for help to find a particular specialist: the idea to create a turnkey beauty destination in a trendy, friendly and unpretentious environment.

Driven by this new goal, I left my position as a marketing director at Coca-Cola to learn the art of beauty at Giorgio Armani. From a private office with my name on the door, at the cosmetics counter at La Baie, it goes without saying that it was a shock for my entourage (and especially, for my husband!). Nevertheless, I was very lucky to be encouraged in the pursuit of my dream and that is how WonderBlush was born.

By the way, I absolutely love the name! Why did you opt for Wonderblush?

Wonder Woman has always embodied for me a strong feminine power. She is the first modern superheroine, an incredible woman with positive messages. As for the word blush, it’s one of my favorite colors (my bridesmaids wore blush at my wedding!). And it embodies sweetness and feminity. The two words combined reflect for me a sense of wonder and escape which describes exactly what I wanted the studio to bring to the clients: a destination where our guests can escape, have fun, be pampered and enjoy themselves. To offer a moment for her!

How did you come up with this location for your salon, “Le Château St-Ambroise”? 

We had contemplated setting up shop, but we wanted to offer a different experience to our customers: an intimate and discreet space where we would become their new “find”. Château St-Ambroise is the perfect place for Wonderblush. It is an inspiring environment with its high ceilings, magnificent brick walls and located in the charming St-Henri district that runs along the Lachine Canal. In addition, the sector is in full swing!

Where does the inspiration behind the living room decor come from?

My husband, my daughter and I traveled to Australia and it was a favorite. Its parks, beaches, “surf culture” are all synonymous with escape which is exactly what we wanted to reflect in the decor of the studio. We played with prints like our wall and leaf cushions to give a tropical style evoking the sun and good mood. This holiday look is paired with a feminine touch of pale pink giving a good-looking effect and accessorized with golden elements to bring an instantly chic look to space. Another characteristic element of Australians is their culture and appreciation of coffee. Being an addict myself, I decided to integrate a coffee bar at the reception which has a rallying effect, promotes exchanges and well-being with people. And what’s better than to enjoy a good latté when you put in beauty.

What role are social networks plays in promoting the salon, and is it effective? Otherwise, what other advertising techniques are you using?

We are present on social networks and are aware of the importance of these platforms. However, Wonderblush is well known by word of mouth and events. We collaborate with a lot of event planners and love being on the ground to connect directly with women. Wonderblush is a passion project where pleasure is the main driver before driving to performance. That’s why we take our time building a solid foundation for every aspect of the business because it’s a long-term commitment.

Besides the obvious, what services can we expect to find?

We are a beautiful destination with all our personalized services under one roof. We offer makeup application in the studio and at home with the option of airbrush foundation. This is to fog the foundation to get a uniform and long-lasting complexion – the result is BEAUTIFUL!!! We offer a full range of hair styling and coloring services in the studio as well as hair styling at home.

For a perfect tan without danger to the skin, we offer vegan and natural tan spray. We also have the Classic and Volume eyelash extensions service for clients wishing to wake up with a beautiful doe look.

To learn more about Wonderblush, visit wonderblush.com, and get social by following on instagram.com/wonderblush or instagram.com/melanie_hachey

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